Sundarbans: Rising Water Ebbing Life

Sunderbans, Planet earth’s largest delta where two of the most iconic rivers of India, the Ganga and the Brahmaputra, meld and disappear into the giant Indian Ocean. Its thousands of mangrove swamps, hundreds of low-lying islands now disappearing at the fastest pace in human history.

This is the story of the hardscrabble lives of millions of impoverished human masses that have long called the Sundarbans their home. Struggling now to literally stay above the water, a day-to-day contest with natural and manmade disasters.

Director: Dheeraj Sarthak
Producers: ORF & IDSA
Script: Ajit Sahi
Narrator: Jitendra Ramprakash
Edit: Harinder Kumar
DoP: Ujjawal Ganguli

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