Indian coastline must harvest sustainable hybrid energy

As we talk about the sustainable source of energy, we always talk about solar power, sometimes we think of wind turbines. India in most of the cases missed to exploit wind as a power source, However, in Tamil Nadu you can find some windmills, however, those are not sufficient to replace thermal powers. Now technology is available to harvest power from the entire coastline of India. India has a long coastline of 7517 km marked along by numerous estuaries and gulfs which makes it attractive for the development of marine energy projects. India’s wave power potential is around 40-60GW. However, compared to the developments in other renewable energy technologies, ocean energy technologies like wave and tidal are in their nascent stages of development in India. Waves up to six meters in height can harvest energy from waves up to 2 m. Each of these can generate up to 24 kW in ideal conditions and there is one at each corner of each 12 x 12-m floating unit. On top of that, you can place 6 kWp wind turbines at each junction point, and cover the entire top surface with solar panels, which could contribute up to a total of 20 kW to the final output of the unit. You can stick units together to scale the whole thing up. Thus floating renewable power platform might harvests wind, solar and wave power, hybrid offshore power generation platform combines wind turbines, solar panels and waves energy harvesters to generate off-grid electricity.

German company Sinn Power is pitching this as a renewable power option for island resorts, particularly in the Caribbean, presumably with a sizable cable snake to get the power back onshore. Paving the way towards a sustainable world. There are several startups working on this worldwide. Electricity Generation n India might encounter some stringent regulations, however, government policy is needed to encourage this sector. More private players should get chances to enter in this because there lie the possibilities.

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