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D-FIE is an alternative media to address issues like environment, sustainability and inclusive economy. We are international as our readers and contributors are spread all over the globe. We love to nurture the philosophy of organic living and sustainable livelihood. Pollution and poverty reductions are among the preferred subjects we discuss. Innovative technologies are the preferred tool to prune our ideas of the new world.

We believe in Democracy, so we love the dialogue. We trust that all should get the equal opportunity to disagree, freedom to defy. If you cannot deny dogma how can you place your ideas. We deserve your decision.

Our focus is clear. This media will not talk about party politics, neither will talk about daily events, won’t claim all trivial incidents as breaking news. We are human centric. We look at politics with an alternative approach. Anything that is pro-people we appreciate, anything that is not for people we defy.

Our focus is clear. The world we need is away from xenophobia and all racism, gender bias and child labours, has to be clean, grean, healthy and compatible. Development should cater the benefit to the common men of the society.  All people should get stable employment, entrepreneurs should get opportunity to sprout their ideas. We need the world without hunger, without the fear of contamination and most importantly the world has to be without corruption.

Government of states should be more sensible, more people oriented, Love should prevail and terrorism should go away.

Technological advancement should wipe all digital divide, should address all and should be beneficial for all. 

Hey! Give it a break! We are not at all academic and bookish. This all about people. Our imagination draws a frame, where we want to juxtapose you me and them. We all live together for all of us. That’s in the nutshell our idea of inclusive economy. 


The term development is valued and understood and discussed from the top some time, some time it is felt from the bottom, but THANK YOU for addressing it

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